Guide To Uploading Images



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    Guide To Uploading Images

    Post by NorthWestTrees on Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:40 pm


    In this guide, I will be covering how to embed an image from a free image hosting provider called Imgur they offer a great service that allows you to upload images to an account for free no charge or strings.
    We will be covering both image uploading from image URL and from your desktop so let's get started.


    Step 1

    Sign in to your account and then click the new post button.

    Step 2

    Click the upload button and find the image you want to share on our forums.

    Step 3

    After you have uploaded the image you have the option to give it a title and description,
    that part does not matter for this tutorial but if you have over the image you just uploaded you have some hidden options!
    Click the downwards arrow, and you will have some extra options.

    Step 4

    Select "Get share links"

    Step 5

    Click the copy button for the BBCode link, you will need that link to embed the image to our forums.

    Step 6

    Now on your post paste the BBCode you copied.
    it should look like below:

    Image URL

    That's great if you have an image but it takes time and resources to download to upload an image again, the other way is using an image URL that has already been uploaded to the web, I will be showing you how to get an image URL off of Google and uploading it in this section.

    Step 1

    Find an image on google first.
    1: Select the image icon in google search
    2: Indicates you can select a related image.

    Step 2

    Next right click on the large image preview and select Copy Image Location.

    Step 3

    Paste the link you copied into the window that you selected the option to upload from your desktop in the desktop section and repeat the steps after your down uploading.

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