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    Forum Rules

    Post by NorthWestTrees on Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:00 pm

    Forum Rules
    All people on the forums agree to fallow the rules of the forum and to listen to the staff here just like on the server.

    Chat Rules
    1: No Swearing
    We are a family server, all people are asked to not swear on the forums. it takes an effort to type the word so players don't have any reason to type rude words.

    - Swearing in other languages or English are not allowed, not even censoring it.

    2: No Advertising other Servers
    Do not ask people on the server to join your server

    - Giving Ip address to the server that you own or play on. is prohibited.

    3: No Asking for Staff
    Ranks are not given out to people we will keep our eyes open for people who are active on the forums and know the rules.

    - Do not ask for staff on the forums, we will talk to you if we notice you have been helpful on the forums.

    4: No Harrasment & Bullying
    This will not be tolerated, at all, be kind to all people even if there is some sort of disagreement between you.

    - Threatening people, being rude, or picking on people are against the rules.

    5: No Posting in Random Topics
    Please post in the right topic and not in random places on the forums. The staff has better things to do then move threads around.

    - Posting town locations in bug reports etc.

    6: No Sharing Personal Information
    Keep all private information about you private, do not give anyone your password or address real name etc.

    - This is to keep you safe, and your account safe from people trying to take control of it.

    Image Rules
    1: Rude or inappropriate images
    We are a family server, all people are asked to not post rude or offensive pictures or photos on any topic.

    - Let's keep this forum for all ages guys ok!

    2: Use Imgur
    Please use Imgur to upload your images, its free and we have limited files storage on this forum so upload there rather than here. just embed the images.

    - It helps keep this forum running at its full potential.

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